Eva Begon

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Eva Begon
CEO, Producer & Singer

Eva Begon (Evelution Beats) fell in love with music at a very early age – Her father being a singer and guitar player in various bands over decades influenced her alot. Dancing and signing as a little child along to their music on stage, gave her a first feeling on how entertaining people in the lamplight can be fun.

At the age of 13, Eva started singing and dancing on a daily basis, being very much influenced by artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Brandy and Lauryn Hill just to name a few. At that time, she also started to write her first lyrics as an outlet of dealing with her emotions, fears and sorrows. First recordings together with Allrounda and Ear2ThaBeat formed the basis for her passion of creating original music.

Not being confident enough in her own skills when it came to a profession choice after school, she decided to study outside the field of music first. She successfully graduated as a Diplom-Betriebswirt (Business Administration) and achieved a Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation – both degrees being based on a scholarship.

After two years of working (while making first moves in the production game), Eva decided to make her passion for music a profession and started releasing her own beats. Before and after that step, Allrounda acted as a mentor in developing her skills. Furthermore she has joined a music school as well as various choirs to develop her vocal skills in more depth. These engagements serve as a source for live performances of all kinds, solo as well as together with other musicians. Over the past five years, Eva has achieved various goals from being a Soundclick Top10 producer over working with various artists to releasing her own vocals to her beats.